Saturday, February 2, 2013

Doll-Lending Update

The story in the New York Times last week about an NYPL branch that was lending out an American Girl doll has resulted in tons of offers and donations of the dolls.  Sadly, the library has refused the offers.  I'm not sure why and it seems like such a shame.

Meanwhile, my daughter has discovered the existence of the dolls and may use some birthday money to buy one.  She is having a hard time deciding which one!

Does your daughter have one?


  1. Felicity is our favorite, but alas she's been retired. We also have Josefina (how could we not?!) And Rebecca (the Jewish one)

  2. She's considering Rebecca, Addy or Molly. I like Molly because she wears glasses like me! She was disappointed that Felicity was discontinued. I also like Julie - love that '70s look!