Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Lucky Day... and Two Ways to Get Free Books!

This week, we received our monthly free* (yes, free!) book from the Dolly Parton Imagination Library: My Lucky Day by Keiko Kasza.  Both my girls were immediately enamored of this fairy-tale type story of a fox and a pig who, as the book jacket has it, "outfoxes" him.  Since they loved it so, I checked to see what other books the author had written.  To my surprise, one was Badger's Fancy Meal, a book we had recently taken out of the library and returned without any particular attachment to it, despite the fact that it is similar in theme and feel to My Lucky Day.  Both feature bumbling predators in search of a meal who are outsmarted by their prey.  Usually when we love one book by an author, we love - or at least like - many of the others.  We're going to try out a few more by Ms. Kasza... I wonder if My Lucky Day was a one hit wonder for us! 

Do you have any personal "one hit wonders"?

*We also receive a monthly free book or CD about Jewish topics from the PJ Library.  If you're interested, check to see if your community participates.  The quality of books from both libraries is, to be frank, erratic, as further described here but there are some gems. 


  1. Oh, I have been waiting for our next Imagination selection, but it hasn't come yet! I was just going to write a post about how to get free books, but I didn't know about PJ Library.

    We also get free books through RIF.