Thursday, September 22, 2011

Library Loot #10

For the kids:

Not pictured: way more than I can keep track of!

For me:

Not pictured: Maine by J. Courtney Sullivan, which I thoroughly enjoyed and Man with a Pan by John Donohue, a collection of essays by men who cook, which I found disappointing.


  1. We liked several of your kid picks -- Yes Day, The Library, the Mo Willems
    books, the Madeleine, and the camel librarian one.

    Are the chapter books for solo reading or read-alouds? Enright was one of my favorite authors.

  2. @Beth: Some of the chapter books were for ME! Like Strawberry Hill. I also read The Saturdays (and liked it), which I missed as a kid, before I started reading it to my daughter. She said she liked it but didn't really get into it - I think it might be better in another year or so. So we didn't finish it.

  3. It makes sense that a book about kids having private adventures on Saturdays would work better as a personal read than a read-aloud :-).