Saturday, March 30, 2013

Overlooking Children's Books

I recently read this review of of Fever, a novel by Mary Beth Keane about Typhoid Mary.  As I read, a memory nagged at me. Hadn't I just read a book about Typhoid Mary?  Of course, I couldn't think of the name.  But why wasn't any other book being mentioned in the review?  Finally, it came to me: Deadly by Julie Chibbaro.  Deadly is told from the point of view of a young woman who works in the health department, tracking the typhoid epidemic.  So why wasn't it mentioned in the review?  I would suggest because Deadly is a young adult novel rather than just a novel.  What a shame, as it is an excellent book, and anyone interested in Fever would be interested in Deadly too. While labeling books as children's or young adult is supposed to provide a helpful guideline, it can too often do the opposite - prevent people from reading wonderful books. Have you noticed any instances where reviewers of adult books overlooked children's or young adult books?

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