Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Why Reading Aloud is Good for Me, the Reader

Confession: I'm a skimmer.  When I read books, I am plot-driven.  All I want to know is what happens next.  As a consequence, I don't savor the language of the book itself. Upon rereading, I'm able to read more slowly.  But the slowest of all is when I read aloud. Reading aloud forces me to slow down.  I notice details and language I never noticed before.  I don't do different voices for the characters or anything dramatic.  But still, reading out loud has given me a deeper appreciation for what I'm reading.

I'm also a bad listener.  I'm so used to seeing books that I think I'd be lost without the visual aspect.  I'm impressed with how closely and carefully my daughters listen, how they pick up on details, moods, and intricate plot twists that I sometimes have to go back and double-check in the text.  I guess the solution for me is to have them read to me!

Are you a slow, savor-the-words kind of reader, or a plot-driven skimmer?

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  1. I read to escape (laundry and dishes, hehe) I don't focus on details... I just want to enjoy. I have a friend who gets all kinds of anxiety when things aren't going her way in a book. That isn't me... I guess I'm more like you. I don't think I savor the words.