Monday, June 15, 2015

Zeroteenth Birthday Book Quiz! (Part 1)

For my daughter's zeroteenth (aka 10th) birthday party, I put together a 30-question book trivia quiz for her book-loving friends.  The kids did really well - I think the questions were too easy!  Since I was unable to figure out how to make one of those fancy buzzfeed-type quizzes, I went the old-fashioned route.  Scroll all the way to the bottom for the answers.  30 questions are a lot, so I'll post them in 3 installments of 10 each.  Part 2 can be found here and Part 3 can be found here.  Good luck!

Birthday balloon bouquet

1.        In All-of-A-Kind Family, which girl refuses to eat her soup?

a.       Gertie
b.      Sarah
c.       Henny
d.      Charlotte

2.       In the Ramona books, what game that Henry and Beezus like to play does Ramona
  always ruin?

a.       Chess
b.      Checkers
c.       Tiddlywinks
d.      Twister

3.       In Where the Wild Things Are, the Wild Things have:

a.       A fancy ball
b.      A board game competition
c.       A wild rumpus
d.      A dance party

4.       In the Little House on the Prairie books, Mary becomes:

a.       Blind
b.      Deaf
c.       Mute
d.      Paralyzed

5.       In Anne of Green Gables, when Anne is upset she says she is:

a.       Feeling blue
b.      Down in the dumps
c.       Sadder than a soggy potato chip
d.      In the depths of despair

6.       A frindle is really a:

a.       Pencil
b.      Piece of chalk
c.       Pen
d.      Computer

7.       In When You Reach Me, what game show does Miranda’s mother compete on?

a.       The Price is Right
b.      Wheel of Fortune
c.       Jeopardy!
d.      The $20,000 Pyramid
8.       Which character accidentally mails dog poop instead of her mother’s artwork?

a.       Clementine
b.      Anastasia Krupnik
c.       Ramona Quimby
d.      Sheila Tubman

9.       In one of the All-of-a-Kind Family books, the girls go to the library and pick out which  

a.       Heidi
b.      Treasure Island
c.       Anne of Avonlea
d.      Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

10.   Which of these does Ramona NOT do?

a.      Take one bite out of each of the apples in the basement
b.      Bake her doll in her sister’s birthday cake
c.      Get paint on her hands and leave handprints all over her house
d.    Lock Henry's dog in the bathroom

Answers: 1. b, 2. b, 3. c, 4. a, 5. d, 6. c, 7. d, 8. b, 9. c, 10. d.

How did you do?

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