Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Robot Without An Imagination Is Like A Scarecrow Without A Brain

Yesterday we were at the library and found a pile of books rejected by other patrons on one of the tables in the children's section.  One of them was the adorable Zoe and Robot: Let's Pretend! by Ryan Sias.  Part of the Balloon Toons series, which I had never heard of, this book defies categorization.  Way too short to be graphic novels, these picture books with, as the book jacket describes it, "zany cartoon art" advertise themselves as "the perfect way to start off your new reader."  Since I was with my three-year-old when we found it, I had to wait to test that claim.  In the meantime, though, she and I enjoyed this sweet story of a robot sorely lacking in imagination who finally learns to pretend.  And of course, it gave me a great opportunity to practice my robot voice.

Today, the publisher's claim was tested and proved correct.  My older daughter found Zoe and Robot: Let's Pretend! in our library pile, and promptly read it to herself in its entirety. 

We'll be heading back to the library to find out if the rest of the books in the series are as appealing.

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  1. I believe your 3 year old knows how to read.