Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Art en Route

This past weekend we went to the NYC Transit Museum.  Housed in a decommissioned subway station, it has old subway cars that you can go on, complete with ads from the era when the car was in use, as well as exhibits on the building of the New York City subway.  If you haven't been, you must go!  My husband and I found it so fascinating that we want to go without the kids one day.

Of course, my girls wanted to buy something at the gift shop.  My 3-year-old got a placemat to match the one her sister received as a party favor.  My 6-year-old kept suggesting items I had to turn down (no more stuffed animals!).  And then I found a small book, Art en Route, showing the art at different subway stations with a marked price of 50 cents.  She was sold, and I was thrilled with both the book (more of a brochure, really) and the price. I later found you can request it for free or even download it!  (I was shocked, however, at the paucity of non-fiction books about the subway system for kids her age.) 

This morning she perused it over breakfast and came to me with several subway stations she wants to visit.   Now we just have to find something to do at each stop when we get there!


  1. find the nearest diner or interesting restaurant near those stops

  2. very cool. which stops was she interested in?

  3. @Rachel: Well, now that she's spent time with the book, pretty much all of them! But the sculptures coming out of the wall at the 2/3 Eastern Parkway stop really grabbed her. Luckily, that's the Brooklyn Museum stop.