Sunday, October 30, 2011

Classic Children's Book Characters, Sullied

I'm not into Halloween.  I let the kids dress up (which I have mixed feelings about, from a Jewish perspective), but I've never gotten into it (I don't do it for Purim either).  I think it stems from my memories of rather rough early-dismissals from school on the Lower East Side on Halloween, with broken eggs littering the sidewalk (don't worry, Mom, that's my only scar from growing up there!) and all those 1980s razor-blades-in-the-apple stories.  But now I have another reason not to like this holiday.

This year my six-year-old asked me to dress-up so that when I take her trick-or-treating, I won't give away who she is.  So I braved Ricky's and found, among the zombies and witches, tarted up (to put it mildly) classic children's book characters.  I'd seen a  "sexy" Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, and an "adult" Alice in Wonderland before, but today I even saw an inappropriate Pippi!  At least Anne and Ramona remain untouched.  For now.


  1. This cracked me up. May Anne and Ramona remain unscathed.

  2. @Rachel: sadly, nothing. But H thinks next year we should be Goldilocks (M) and the three bears (she would be Baby Bear, C and I would be Papa and Mama Bear). I'd better get it on it now!