Monday, July 18, 2011

A Game with a Twist

I love games but most of the fun, non-boring ones are still too hard for my kids.  That's why we were delighted to discover Toot and Otto, a twist on a childhood favorite, Connect Four.  Here, instead of creating rows or columns of red or black pieces, you have to spell your character's name.  A further twist comes because both names are spelled with the exact same letters - 2 Ts and 2 Os - Toot and Otto.  If you're not careful, you might spell your opponent's name!  While more of a strategy game, Toot and Otto also includes literacy elements.  My daughter received this game when she was 5 and it was a bit too hard for her.  After not having played it in several months, we picked it up today and it just clicked for her. 

What games do you recommend for beginning readers - which won't bore their parents to tears?

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  1. A dear friend sent my daughter Cranium Cariboo Island for her 4th birthday, saying her son (who is 6 months younger) absolutely loved it. And so did we! There are two levels you can use for play, with the simpler one focused on letters ABC, numbers 1-4, and four colors. Surprisingly fun!