Tuesday, September 6, 2011


When my daughter described to me a game that sounded like Bingo, but with words, that she'd played at kindergarten, I realized that this was one game I could make myself and, better yet, custom-tailor to her reading level.  I wrote out a list of about 30 words, mixing harder ones with easier ones.  I then created three-by-three grids and placed the words in them randomly, making sure to ultimately use all the ones on my master list.  To play, she selected a game board and I called off words from the master list, making sure not to peek at her game board.  If the word I called was on her board, she placed a token (we used ones from another, packaged board game) on that square.  When she had three in a row in any direction (across, down or diagonally) she had Bingo!  Some of our words were: rainbow, library, perfect, drink, exit.  And as we read together, I've been jotting down words she has trouble with for future iterations of the game.

What words would you put in Word Bingo?

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  1. "clean"; "time out"; "quiet"; "whine"