Monday, March 5, 2012

B.P.: Before Pink

Before pink, there was red.  Red used to be a "girl color" and I've got the books to prove it.  Ann Likes Red by Dorothy Z. Seymour follows a determined little girl on a shopping trip.  She turns down every suggestion for clothes other than red and ends up with an all-red outfit - and a very nice one, I might add!  Written as an early reader and as an alternative to Dick-and-Jane type books, I have to confess that I find this book a tad boring, although my girls love it.  Its five-star rating on Amazon appears to be due more to nostalgia than quality, with reviewer after reviewer reminiscing about how this book helped her learn to read.

Even better is Red is Best by Kathy Stinson.  Here the protagonist is an equally stubborn girl, a few years younger.  She, however, provides hysterical justifications for why her red mittens are better than her brown ones (they make better snowballs), the red cup is better than the green (juice tastes better in it - of course!) and so on.  What I love about this book is that it works on multiple levels.  My 4-year-old thinks the juice really does taste better in the green cup, but my 6-year-old sees the humor and ridiculousness and gets a kick out of the book as well.  There aren't too many easy picture books that my older daughter still enjoys, but this is one of them. 

Meanwhile, as a red-lover myself, I have been bemoaning the lack of red clothes for girls since my first daughter was born.  I think red's ready for a comeback!

Is there a book about your or your child's favorite color?

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  1. My sons only had weak preferences for a color; rarely would they pick items consistently for the color. But I remember when they were preschoolers that I declared a month of colors, and assigned a different color to each day (I think we were on plaids and stripes by the end of the month). And each day we'd try to wear that color, find that color, eat that color, etc.

    I think I got some strange looks when the boys showed up in school on pink day, but we sure looked cool on black day.

    I was into monthly themes back then. I noticed my older son had exactly 31 letters in his full name, and voila! an idea was born.