Thursday, June 23, 2011

Library Loot #7

For the kids:

Not pictured: lots and lots that I didn't keep track of, unfortunately.

For me:


  1. What kind of library bag do you use? It's obviously very strong.

    Our last trip to the library was extremely traumatic. The kids wouldn't check out anything, and some even preferred playing internet games on the computer to going to the park. Then we had a huge, fifteen minute tantrum by the eight year old that I still have no idea about. Lovely!

    Next week will be better. And they do read the books I pick out, so maybe they don't hate books that much. And I loved the Henrietta Lacks book; hope you enjoy it.

  2. The books pictured are all the ones we have out at one time, not all the ones we took out on one trip. I don't think I could carry that many! But I use a few free tote bags from our local supermarket and preschool and then - hang them on the stroller!

  3. Oh, and I hope your next library trip is more pleasant and productive for everyone!