Thursday, February 3, 2011

Library Loot

For the kids:

For me:


  1. You were very restrained for yourself. I miss the days of reading a pile of picture books with my kids; now they want most of that time for reading their own books, or they read the books in the car without me.

    I have CHALK on hold at the library for next week.

  2. Mmmmm, Macarons.....
    I also like Tea and Cookies by Rick Rogers. I always check out cookbooks from the library to see if they are worth owning.

  3. @Beth: Chalk is great! I will have to remember what you said about missing picture-book-time with your kids as I must confess to being a little antsy about when my 5-year-old will start *really* reading.

    @Storied Cities: I do the same! I'll put Tea and Cookies on my holds list.

  4. Hey, found your blog from your comment on Storied Cities. I have Chalk on hold too. My library is still "acquiring" it.

  5. @LitLass: thanks for stopping by! We love Chalk. My 3-year-old is particularly enamored of it.

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